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Information for Designers using Recopol™ mouldings

Commercial Furniture Solutions have developed a proprietary moulding process for recycled engineering grade ABS plastic, attached is a guide to designing in this medium. Commercial Furniture Solutions have been moulding a range of products for over thirty years with recycled plastic.

Commercial Furniture Solutions manufacture a stock range of Recopol™ shells that are available for purchase by designers and furniture manufacturers. For a list of current available shells see the link below.

Commercial Furniture Solutions also manufacture custom shells to specification for designers and furniture manufacturers. Quotations for tooling costs are available on request.

Not all product or furniture designs are suitable for our moulding process. For example, due to the nature of the material with 2% porosity, Recopol™ does not hold liquids - this is an advantage in the horticulture area but not in an interior situation. Recopol™ can only be used as a tabletop with a laminated finish when used in a commercial situation. Commercial Furniture Solutions does not manufacture furniture for children under 5 years unless seating surfaces can be permanently sealed.

Feel free to contact the company to discuss your project. Commercial Furniture Solutions is happy to sign confidentiality agreements before viewing any design material sent for appraisal and quotation. Commercial Furniture Solutions provides 3D scans of available shells for designers, see the link below.

Recopol™ PDF's

Material selected and chosen by Matrec EcoMaterials Library for its environmental performances. MATREC is the first EcoMaterials Library dedicated to environmentally sustainable materials and to their use in the industry, architecture and design.